Preparing for your Engagement Session

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Did you just get engaged? Look at that shiny new ring... Congrats! Did you book engagement photos with me? EVEN BETTER! Right now you're probably floating high on cloud nine with excitement for your new engagement, wedding planning, and the thought of getting to spend forever with the love of your life! All-things-weddings are completely new to you, or maybe this is your second time around. Even so, you likely want to know what an engagement session is, and how to get ready for it.

Your engagement session is an exciting, fun, and exhilarating opportunity to enjoy your partner while getting to know your photographer better before the big day. We'll spend some time chatting about how you two met, what she does to make you laugh, and what he does he do that gets on your nerves - but always manages to make you laugh anyway! When we're done, you can also use these photos on your wedding planning website and save-the-dates! It's recommended that save-the-dates are sent 4-6 months before the wedding date, and formal invitations 8 weeks before the wedding date. If I have the honor of being your wedding photographer, I'll contact you about 7-8 months before the wedding date to talk about engagement photos.


Because this session is about the two of you, and your love for one another, you'll select a location that's meaningful to you. Maybe it's the place you went on your first date. Maybe it's your favorite park to go for walks, or your favorite spot to grab coffee. Or what if it's just a place you really admire? Let's go! Make some suggestions and I'll help narrow them down.

What to Wear?

Try to dress comfortably and confidently. This means that if you feel like it’s too tight, or you have to sit or walk a certain way, or constantly need to adjust your clothes to make them work, it’s likely not the best outfit choice. When having your photos taken, the last thing you want to feel is insecurity. This is YOUR photo session. So, why not look your best? Get formal! Take out that dress, heels, button-down shirt, and dress-shoes! You'll feel so elegant, beautiful and handsome walking around in your finest digs and this will add an extra boost of confidence. Wanna switch it up? I recommend bringing a casual change of clothes for two looks. No matter where we go, we'll likely be walking a bit. So bringing a pair of flats, and just the essentials along will make this a fun and easy process. You won't want to be carrying a duffel bag and full wardrobe. :)

Hair & Makeup (Be Photo- Ready!)

Do you want to look your very best for your photos? Having a professional do your hair and make-up can make a world of a difference on the overall appearance of your photographs. Clients that use a professional for their hair and make-up tend to be more satisfied with their final product. If it’s your first time using a makeup and hair stylist, take the opportunity to feel pampered and special in a whole new way. This is a also a chance to try a make-up trial with your wedding makeup artist.

  • A clean and classy application (no harsh eye shadow, foundation, or eyebrows) of make-up can really soften your skin and accent your facial features Sometimes, visiting a makeup counter at a mall can do the trick! If you’re doing your makeup yourself, make sure it matches your skin tone and the rest of your body.

  • Ladies, please have your hair styled and maintained prior to your photo session

  • Fellas, please groom your beards or facial hair and get a fresh haircut


Your photo shoot is a great excuse for a fresh manicure, but if you can’t go to the salon, make sure your nails look tidy and clean, including the cuticles. Your engagement shoot will feature your new ring and your nails NEED to be taken care of. LOL! Let's make it fun. The knot wrote a whole article on the best colors to feature your new ring! According to them, various shades of pink, stark white, and even deep navy blue are great options. Anything to make your ring shimmer and reflect light.

These are just some fun tips and suggestions. These are your photos. So if you have some ideas that will help show your personalities and display the fun and loving aspects of your relationship, mention them to your photographer when planning your session. I'm sure you'll come up with some great ideas together!

Wanna book an engagement session with me? I'd love to help out! Just shoot me a quick email:


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