Two Years of Adventures With Lucas

I just want him to stay a baby forever!

It's no secret that my first subject and model was my son. His 2017 birth was what drove to really pursue photography. You see, I had a tough delivery, and really needed to rest those first 10 days back home. Aside from a quick run to the pharmacy or the required doctor's office visits (driven by my husband), I didn't have time to leave the house and getting dressed and packing up my baby was a HUGE chore. However, my son's birth meant a lot to me and I wanted every moment documented. I wanted to be intentional about his memories and I didn't want to miss anything. By any means necessary. I'm serious. We had maternity photos done the day before my water broke! P.S. Clients: I do not recommend waiting this long! He came two weeks early. You just don't know what's going to happen. So try to schedule maternity photos between 24-32 weeks. I'll talk more on this subject one day.

Anyway, I was determined to have newborn photos done of my baby! Even if they weren't in a fancy studio. I had the first camera I ever owned and I made it work. My cousin came over and helped me. The rest is history.

Lucas has been such a joy to our family! He really keeps all of us on our toes. He loves to count, play with cars, and anything involving his BFF...ELMO!

Both of my children are so unique and their personalities are so different. Lucas is the opposite of my daughter when she was a toddler. He's wild, sweet, charming, and IN-YOUR-FACE! Don't get me wrong. My daughter challenged me too. But Lucas pushes the limit. And unfortunately, he gets away with a lot because he's charming. SMH. People told me sons will have that affect on mothers...but I didn't believe it. These past two years have been filled with; amazing milestones, wild field trips in rain and snow, and some challenging parental moments. But overall, I'm so glad I've been here to witness it all first- hand.

Happy 2nd birthday, Son! We love you so much!

Hat: Target (Cat N'Jack)

Vest: The Gap

Shirt: The Gap

Jeans: The Gap

Hoodie: Target (Cat N'Jack)

Boots: Crazy 8

Location: Kubota Gardens, Seattle

Photographer: Captured by Candace Photography, LLC

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