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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Candace Connor,  Seattle-based wedding and lifestyle photographer. I have a strong passion for couples and love to document those that are; dating, engaged, expecting, and married! Whether you're in a relationship and want some beautiful images that tell the story of your love for one another, or you want to celebrate a milestone such as your wedding or anniversary, you're in the right place! 

So take a look around, and see what you like! Send me a message below and I'd love to chat about your needs.



You've got the date set, and the venue picked. But you just need the right photographer to document your special day the way you want your story told. As a bride, I've been there. I wanted someone I could relate to and who was able to connect with my husband and I. I know all of the joys and hurdles that go into planning a wedding first-hand and this gives you and I a major advantage. Let me give you one less thing to worry about on your big day. We get started with coffee, followed by an engagement session, and we chat all year leading up to your wedding day. I'm not just a photographer. I'm here to support you in this process ( and make you laugh a little).



Family photos, senior portraits, milestones, cute photos of your kids... You name it. I'm your girl. Let's make some memories worth hanging on the wall!


Everybody loves a good party. Instead of bringing your cell phones ( Yes, you too iPhone users) and snapping shots of the fancy decorations and funny dances, hire me to capture those moments while you get back to the party!

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